Understanding the customer and his business is the groundwork of our strategic planning. The study of the market conditions, such as positioning of the product and services, unique selling propositions, customer base and opportunities, competition and environment is a fundamental base of our consulting approach.

Communication Strategy


Building up the brand is strategically important to underline your identity and character and to gain reputation and positioning in the market. In order to add value to your business, understanding of your needs and opportunities comes first.
Together we develop your communication strategy, the personalized approach, the target groups, the graphic design and the means in terms of relevant content and classical or digital communication.



After that phase, TiTop develops with you the operational marketing plan, which considers not only the different communication elements, best suited to execute the strategy, but defines the action program in dimensions of time, cost and responsibilities. It is important to define milestones which serve to approve the execution or go-live of certain important phases of the plan.
Another important part of the project is to measure the performances specially to continuously optimize the communication means and campaigns. This will help to maximize the desired results.
Our customers have strategic goals and with professional project management we do advance those goals. Project management is important because it brings leadership and direction to the marketing project. TiTop uses professional project management tools and ensures that there is real value against the business opportunity.



There is no better way to show quality, precision, detail, style, authenticity and competency unless through images and video to gain attention, attractivity, popularity, through todays possibilities of online presentation and sharing. Through our partner network we offer photoshoots and video productions under our guidance.
The content is fundamental for the identity and essential for the description of the story to tell. The objectives are:
the creation of brand awareness, the definition of the corporate identity, the positioning of the USP’s (unique selling propositions), the creation of the customer expectations, the creation of the customer experience, the sales of products & services, the gain of customer loyalty. The content strategy depends on audience, language and content presentation. The project normally includes the production of specific customer content, that is far more than just the pure text. Nowadays people obtain their information over the internet and make up their opinions and judgements. Therefore, brand evaluation and the corporate web presentation is critical. The evolution of the net and the usage of digital communication on the other hand supports the application of more tailored content through inbound marketing strategies.
TiTop Content Creation & Management Based on the editorial plan and the planned style & media, content is processed in alignment with the means to be used. This is not limited to textual content for e.g. websites, blogs, posts, online advertising, social media, but of course professional images and videos must be considered.

Graphic Design


Attractive graphic design is a key element to accentuate the corporate identity of a company and to support building brand awareness. Brand touch points in marketing are all communication channels, tools and services that interact somehow with the customer. It is important to apply a meaningful, consistent, and unique design in your communication strategy.
Not only the content, but graphics and design convey clear messages to your customer that must be consistent and immediately recognizable as part of the brand.
TiTop provides graphics and design proposals for classical advertising as well as digital communication of all kinds. Whether it is corporate brochures, flyers, magazines, catalogs, advertising posters, shop or vehicle decoration, special packaging, gifts or graphics for the web or social media.

Online Presence


Everyday people can consult online about any kind of information, products, services, prices and the available choices any increasing constantly. We care about the latest functionalities, technologies and popularities in order to consult your web presences to emerge safely and professionally in this digital world.
Attractive differentiation and multichannel digital presences are key.
Your website shall be intuitive, and it shall have an exciting and responsive design with eye-catching images and eventually video sequences. Your key messages shall be clear and direct. Often the content is a statement of your corporate identity. Your website is serving as a kind of master reference of your communication strategy.
Websites and Web applications have become progressively more complex as technologies and methodologies advance. Web-presence has evolved into a rich and interactive user experience (UX). User experience is how a person feels when interfacing with a website, a web application or a web shop. Designing and building a website, TiTOP evaluates how users might feel about a system, considering ease of use, perception of the value of the system, utility, efficiency in performing tasks and so forth.
We also support you setting up Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing actions. Search engine marketing is the practice of marketing a business using paid advertisements that appear on search engine results pages.
TiTop Digital Presentation Services Further actions in Digital Advertising are the production of newsletters, posts, e-mail marketing and banners.
Social Media. The highest interaction and immediate feedback are received when you go “social”. With each publication you can feel the pulse of the audience. Therefore, specially the management of social media requires the right response, language and sensibility in order not get the required results.
TiTOP supports you managing your account on the main social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, creating posts and promotional campaigns.

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